Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Groynes

The Groynes 

On Friday,10th June, Room 4 went on a trip to The Groynes. We went on this trip to learn about how we as humans can affect insect's habitats. Not only did we learn about habitats, but we also learned about our responsibility to make a difference.

Here are some more info:

Lesson Description:
Students will investigate what lives in and around the streams. They'll get up close and personal to examine the fresh water invertebrates, and will find out what's in the water that affects them. Students will have personal empathy for these creatures as they participate in a role play game.

Possible learning outcomes
Students may be able to:
  • say why streams are significant places, what their value is and whether they should be protected areas
  • name a variety of animals that live in a stream and some of the factors they depend on to live successfully in this area
  • describe the relationships between the plants and the animals and their reliance on a healthy habitat
  • identify actions that they can take to help protect waterways.
Here we are in action:

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