Saturday, 27 February 2016



Mathletics has been a great hit with all the Year 3 students.

Not only has the children enjoyed this learning tool, but comments from parents have been very positive.

The benefits of Mathletics include:
  • Students are engaged and motivated to learn.
  • Mathletics is adaptive, it responds to your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students instantly know if they are on the right track and can work through the curriculum at their own pace.
  • Animated support guides students through concepts. It is like having a maths tutor 24 hours a day.
  • Live Mathletics fosters a stimulating and exciting on-line learning community.
  • Creates the perfect link between home and school, results can flow seamlessly.
  • Teachers can view student’s progress and adapt their work accordingly.

Here are some photos of children busy on Mathletics!

Muti-Cultural Celebration 2016

Multi-Cultural Week

Multi-Cultural week was a big success. A big thank you to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Kingston for all their hard work in setting up this awesome event.

Here are some pictures and videos of our celebration!   

What an AWESOME week! Looking forward to the next one already!!!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Jellie Park 2016

Jellie Park

The annual Jellie Park Community Day was a big success. 

A big thank you once again to all the parent help who made this trip possible. 

The children had a great day out in the pool. Here are some photos from out trip.


We hope that you could join us in our next trip!



Oaklands School was extremely lucky to get an early visit from John Parsons.

During this session, John Parsons talk to us about the importance of keeping personal information to ourselves. He also talked to us about trusting the "butterfly in our stomach". This means to trust our instincts.

Reflecting on this session, Room 4 discussed what the word "stranger" means to us.


  • They can come in shapes and sizes
  • They can be an old lady or a well dressed man
  • Someone you don’t know
  • They can dress up as someone you do know
  • They try to get information from you
  • They lie
  • They might know you a little bit

Here is one of our "Stranger-Danger" Role-play

What "NOT to DO"

What "TO DO"

Talk Partners

Talking Partner

Talking partner is something special that we do in Room 4.

Here we are in action!
It has been great to see, every child engage in deep learning conversations with their peers. By having talking partners in the class, it ensures that all children get to participate in the discussion.

This week, the class came up with do's and do not's when we are engaged with our talking partner.

What not to do:
  • Talk about thing out of topic
  • Be silly
  • Shout
  • Leing
  • Be mean
  • turn your back
  • block your ears
  • push your partner
  • Not listen
  • ignore what their saying
  • be quiet
What to do:
  • fold your legs (knees to knees)
  • Keep eye contact
  • Share your ideas
  • Listen carefully
  • Be nice
  • Smile
  • Be a good friend
  • Be sensible
  • Sit up nicely

Welcome to Room 4

Welcome to Room 4!!!  

We have a very exciting year ahead of us. A year full of new learning, experiences and of course loads and loads of fun. 

This is Pier the Pelican. He has been busy on helping set up our classroom.

Thanks Pier!!!