Friday, 29 April 2016

Max and Jay Jay

Our Holiday Fun

Max and Jay Jay have had a great holiday of relaxing outdoors. They have been doing some sunbathing as well as some gardening.


Holiday has been awesome, but Max and Jay Jay can not wait to get back to school. I hope you are to!!!

See you soon :)

Last Day of Term Fun

Last Day of Term Fun

To finish off a great Term 1, Room 4 played a round of PIE FACE !!!! Lets just say it was both nerve racking and delicious :)

After morning tea, we spent time with our buddy class and participated in Tabloid Sports. It was so fun but very tiring. Good thing it is nearly the holiday.

Here are some photos of our day!

Being Healthy

What does being healthy means?

During Term 1, we have been learning about what it means to be healthy. In class, we discussed that being healthy means we need to stay fit, sleep well, brush our teeth, drink lots of water and have a balanced diet.

To help us learn more about a healthy diet we had a visit from Harold the Giraffe. Harold helped us learn about:

  1. What the food pyramid is
  2. What a balanced diet looks like
  3. How food gives us energy
  4. Things that our bodies need to keep healthy and happy
Here we are with Harold!

We also learned a cool song to help us remember what we learned.

Room 4 really enjoyed our visit from Harold! See you soon Harold!