Saturday, 14 February 2015

Learning plan

During the first two weeks of school we have been working on the learning plan. We have talked about the Oaklands CARE values and the dispositions for each value.


We are growing & maintaining positive, caring relationships.

Connect (To bring together, be effective users of communication tools, connect to the land & environment & be a member of a community

Collaborate (To learn with and from each other)

Active Thinking

We explore, we create, we are critical thinkers.

Be Curious (We are open to new learning)

Question (Ask, inquire, challenge, dispute, reflect - asking questions of ourselves and others)


We value ourselves, each other and the environment.

Empathise (Understand and share the feelings of others & contributing to others experiences)

Communicate (Share & exchange information, thoughts & feelings)


We are better every single time (BEST)

Be resilient (Develop the ability to react positively to challenges)

Be Self Aware (Knowing ourselves as a learner

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